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Kawasaki had long owned the 'fastest motorcycle' crown with its ZZ-R1100, until Honda's Blackbird then Suzuki's Hayabusa moved the class on. The ZX-12R Ninja was Kawasaki's response. An all-new design, it uses a unique monocoque frame, together with a 142kW (190bhp) engine, the most powerful up to 2005. The chassis is aimed at speed: the frame is narrower than a twin-spar design, and houses the airbox and battery, saving space elsewhere. Aerodynamic bodywork is dominated by a massive ram-air scoop, and huge mirrors, small canard wings on the lower fairing and cast spoilers on the forks help the ZX-12R to a top speed of 299km/h (186mph). It is also more sporty than the Hayabusa or Blackbird.

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