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The middleweight class wars are hotter than ever. And with the new, technologically superior, lighter and faster Ninja® ZX-6RR, bragging rights belong to Kawasaki. The limited-production 599cc ZX-6RR is designed to be the next National and World SuperSport champion. The slimmer, GP-style bodywork hides a lightweight, ultra short-stroke engine with forged racing pistons, electronic fuel injection, slipper clutch, close-ratio gearbox and 15,500 rpm redline. While the pressed aluminum frame doubles as the Ram Air intake and carries an adjustable swingarm pivot. Plus for the first time in the 600cc production class, an inverted cartridge fork and radial-mounted front brake callipers. How serious is it? The ZX-6RR even includes a racing bar-type LCD tachometer and a built-in lap timer. So don’t let the competition beat you to the punch. Get aboard the ZX-6RR, and let them see tail. Yours.

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