Aprilia RSV Mille 1000

The basic RSV Mille is a very competent bike, both for track and road use. But in 1999, Aprilia released the RSV Mille type 'R', featuring a host of modifications aimed at making it more effective on track. Outwardly, the differences are hard to spot. The 'R' has only a single seat (although a twin seat is an option). The front forks are fully adjustable Öhlins items and the rear shock is a race-spec Öhlins unit, also fully adjustable. The 'R' also wears lighter, forged aluminium Oz wheels. The engine is unchanged, but the 'R' model's chassis modifications make it much more accomplished on the race track. The 'R' is 4kg (8.81b) lighter, and this, together with the more refined suspension, allows higher cornering speeds and quicker steering.

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