Co hledáte?
od do

Too much power is rarely enough for anyone, ZXR-types especially. They don't just want paddock jackets they want b-h-p and enough of it would probably diminish the debilitating effect of that suspension. Yet after the peaky 1990 106bhp H2, thej's horses were pushed down the rev range then capped by KMUK's voluntarily adopted 100bhp limit. The result is a crisp, exactingly carburated engine which, between four and 9000rpm, has few peers with few memorable moments either. This in a ZXR is wrong. By definition it should be mean, and if not peaky then well worth revving. The J isn't; its top-end delivery has been tamed, which has narked more than one H owner who's chopped his raucous speedball for a J.

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